Our Mission …

Finding ways to give you back the gift of time – reclaiming minutes, hours, and days into your life, rather than pain reducing it.

ps. In the ROI business terms, helping foster healthier lifestyles with therapeutic and health/wellness approaches to slow down and reduce the effects of chronic disease, chronic pain, and secondary effects from cancer treatment. Also reducing associated costs of sick time and lost of productivity (at work and at home) from recovery from surgery, even possibly reduction in medical costs overall

Our Raison d’Être …

This was seen … “Consumers want solutions, not sympathy”

As healthcare is part of the health business, we know it is consumer-oriented and thus want to help provide a part of the solution they are seeking. As we are proactive, curious, lifelong learners, we are interested in finding and providing new ways to solve problems by combining from our collective experiences and thoughts.

We know there are many other healthcare providers in our communities. Our hope is to become integrated with them. For right now, by focusing on what we are uniquely combining in our service programs, we are looking on how we can make a dent in reducing the impact of chronic disease conditions, chronic pain, and secondary effects of cancer treatment. We are also looking at how we can shorten the recovery time from surgery in a way to reduce missed productivity at home and at work.

So yes, being part of a company is more than just doing a job – it is also about the experiences shared and what and who we care about, where we can help make living just a little bit easier and the type of community we want to be part of.

The community we want to be part of is one of solutions for those who are looking for something more … integrated collaborative personalized health and wellness.