What We Do …

We help people who are struggling with chronic health conditions, chronic pain, and have gone through cancer treatment get relief and alleviate common problems such as recurrent bouts of fatigue, pain, and help reduce body stressors.

On the surgery side of things, we help people prepare their body for surgery, so they can have better and quicker recovery from their procedure along with better healing.

We provide tailored guidance in adopting healthier behaviours in nutrition, specific exercise activity, and managing healthy/lifestyle issues through our specific programs.

We do this, so we can help those individuals have better energy levels while they are on their journey of improving their life and engaging in activities of daily living.

What Happens When We Do What We Do …

What we do with our hands-on manual therapy, helps to relax the nervous system, which reduces the pain signal activity, reduces body stress, and enhances the immune system’s ability to mobilize the body’s natural defences to address the health problem.

The hands-on manual therapy helps the body prepare for the area of surgery as well as helps to improve circulation and healing time post surgery (along with healthier scar tissue).

The ‘done-for-you’ nutrition programs removes the stress of “what to eat?” and “what to buy for groceries?” as they include the grocery list as well as the recipes, which support good eating habits to help reduce body stressors such as  inflammation and help in overall health and well-being.

Our lifestyle coaching programs helps to provide focus on select key topics, which enables our clients to take charge and self-manage those specific areas of their life.

How We Do What We Do …

Our drug-free lymphatic therapy & lifestyle programs use a combination of the following:

  • hands-on manual therapy called manual lymphatic drainage
  • kinesiotape applications
  • medical exercise programs
  • done-for-you nutrition coaching programs
  • tailored health/lifestyle coaching


A little more about us …

Every therapist on the team is certified from one of the recognized lymphatic therapy schools in North America, completing the minimum of 135 hours. Aside from being specialists in lymphatic therapy, we utilizie best practice methods from our collective experiences in public and private health care settings, complementary nutrition, and health coaching programs. Combined, this helps our clients improve energy and reduce fatigue, better manage pain levels, and gain tolerance and confidence in everyday activities of daily living. In short, to help our clients get back to the best quality of life possible.







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