A Quick Sneak-A-Peak Into Our Other Important Body System – the Lymphatics

Lymphatic SystemWhile we know about keeping a healthy cardiovascular system for our heart and lung health, we ought to become more aware of our other fluid system called the lymphatic system – it is vital!

Most people, have very little understanding where the lymphatic system is or how it functions or how it is important for our overall health.

Here is the very mini anatomy lesson:

  • It is throughout our bodies – it parallels the circulatory system
  • Has a vital role in sweeping and cleaning up left over cellular debris (think garbage clean-up)
  • Ensures good transportation of the immunity cells (white blood cells, T-helper cells, et al) – patrolling our body for infection-invaders and having a quick response to them
  • The filter, reabsorption, and detention centres (lymph nodes) are working at capacity

Ok, that was the brief mini anatomy about the Lymphatic System. For a more detailed look into the lymphatic system, make sure you follow us for the update!

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