Concussion and Post Concussion Relief in Calgary

A Quick Recap of What Happens in A Concussion …

During an impact to the head, the brain can be bruised from being pushed around inside the skull, where different parts of the brain can move at different speeds due to the type of impact. Aside from bruising, the chemistry inside the brain can be shifted, which could make nerve cell function inefficient and defective in some manner, alter pressure in the head, and impede circulation which is needed for healing.

The Problem We Are Helping With:  Post Concussion

While most people will recover from initial recognition and treatment from concussion injury, there are others that will have continued side effects from the bruising and banging of the head and brain (even other body parts depending on mechanism of injury) – Post Concussion Syndrome.

Post Concussion Symptoms


The decision to help with Post Concussion is a result of attending the Gairdner Symposium On Concussion Public Forum and Scientific Symposium (University of Calgary) during the past week and finding out there are not many community health providers in Calgary to help those individuals that may still be experiencing Post Concussion.

We are adding to the network of health providers in Calgary for Post Concussion Functional Coaching & Therapy by bringing our collective experiences in functional graded medical exercise, combined with health coaching in chronic disease (based on the Standford Chronic Disease Model), and Lymphatic Therapy.

What to Do Next …

Follow us. Or … if you have experienced a concussion and still feeling some after-effects, or know of someone who has and are looking for an adjunct complementary therapy, contact us.







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