Presenting: What You Need To Understand About Metabolism & Chronic Pain – Part III

Add – Living With A Chronic Pain or Chronic Health Condition

So how does this influence metabolism? Good question. Let us take a representative chronic health condition …

Now there are a few symptoms that may be more prevalent than others, when living with fibromyalgia and in turn affect what a person may or may not do in their day, which can affect metabolism and make it less efficient.

When a person that has a chronic pain condition or chronic health condition experiences a flare-up in their symptoms, the resulting lifestyle behaviours can reduce metabolic activity/rate and slow it down …

  •  Inconsistent eating schedule; Not eating enough; Skipping a meal
  •  Increase age
  •  Lack of sleep/inconsistent sleep schedule
  •  Decrease time for physical activity or increase in sitting
  •  Lack of drinking water
  •  Certain medications may slow metabolism

The above is a small snap-shot of what can happen when looking at factors that may contribute to slowing down the metabolic process in the human body when a person also has a chronic pain condition or chronic health condition. It just adds to the slowing down factor.

In the next post, we will share a natural way to help boost your metabolism.



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