[Case Study]: A Calgary Lymphatic Therapy Practice Helping with Ulcerative Colitis in a Drug-Free Way

Let’s sneak behind the scenes with a peek into a case study …

We were curious. There are some private clinics abroad that are using manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) as a therapy for helping people with Ulcerative Colitis.

Ulcerative Colitis (UC)
Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

Right now the mainstream form of treatments in Canada for this Irritable Bowel Disorder is medication, nutrition therapies such as supplementation (for example Vitamin D), and surgery. So, we wanted to know what would happen when we used MLD combined with lifestyle/exercise coaching for someone with Ulcerative Colitis. We started a case study (n of 1 design … just in case there are readers who want to know our strategy!)

A brief breakdown of what has been happening …
  • Our participant in the case study is a female post secondary student, who is actively participating by looking after her own nutrition as well as engaging in exercise that she can tolerate throughout the week.
  • So far we have met for 7 sessions since the end of December 2016. One session per week.
  • Each session includes manual lymphatic drainage treatment and kinesiotape applications.
The results … end of December 2016 to end of February 2017
  • 66% reduction in the feeling of Urgency
  • 50% reduction in the sensation of feeling bloated
  • 48% less washroom visits
  • 7 point improvement in feeling less fatigued
Ok, so why should you care?

A couple of things:

  1. With a decrease frequency in bloating, that means less discomfort and better mobility. Bonus – also less feeling of urgency to go to the washroom. This means better quality of life.
  2. This type of therapy treatment  has no (negative) side effects. Also, better quality of life.
  3. Therapy treatment sessions are non-invasive and time efficient for our participants time as well as for the length of each session. This means being economical and value based.

In summary, very cool results so far!

Follow us. We will post some more results from our case study. But for now, we will continue to reveal each of the specific conditions in the 5 Primary Health & Lifestyle streams for chronic disease, chronic pain, surgery, and cancer survivorship.

p.s. … We will be launching a Ulcerative Colitis Lymphatic Therapy & Lifestyle Health Coaching Program in Fall 2017. If you want to be part of this, please contact us for more details.



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