Is It Just Lymphedema Awareness? … Moving Beyond Lymphedema Awareness and Improving Quality of Life

Manual lymphatic drainage is one part of the treatment plan known as Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema. This is also one of our 5 Primary Health & Lifestyle Programs:

  • Lymphedema Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching for Cancer Survivors with Lymphedema
  • Lymphedema Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching for Primary and Secondary Lymphedema
How We Are Moving Beyond Lymphedema Therapy/Treatment …

While lymphedema is about chronic swelling of fluid that is built-up due to a faulty or damaged lymphatic system, causing it to not function as efficiently, it can be acquired by having problems with the development of the lymphatic system in the body (primary lymphedema) or from having the system damaged (surgery, radiation therapy, injury) known as secondary lymphedema.

Conventional therapy is about helping in managing the swelling that is occurring. Yes that is great and yes we want that! Yet a part that we are adding is the lifestyle and health coaching. This may be touched upon during conventional therapy and treatment, however we feel this is severely lacking in a more in-depth perspective. Lifestyle influences health behaviour and health outcomes!

Yes we do the Complete Decongestive Therapy and all its components, yet we want to provide more so that we can help make living a little easier each day. Each small step gained in bettering lifestyle factors, complements that conventional therapy that is also used.

Follow us, so that you can know when we are launching our two Lymphedema Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching Programs for those with cancer-related lymphedema and non-cancer related lymphedema.


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