Getting You Better Before and After Surgery … Quickly!

Do you want to recover a bit faster after surgery? How about helping yourself (and the doctor) to prepare for surgery?

With surgery, there are two sides: pre-surgery and post-surgery. Regardless of sides and stages of surgery (pre, during, post) the 3 key points are

  • the speed of recovery,
  • minimize the bruising & swelling,
  • successful outcomes and return to everyday activities (work and home life)

A relatively unknown technique, well here in Calgary anyways, that can assist with getting the body ready for surgery as well as helping it during recovery is using manual lymphatic therapy.

Lymphatic therapy (also called manual lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage) is a very light stimulation of the lymphatic system, which encourages the lymphatic system to be more efficient in clearing away excess fluid and cellular waste.

Bonus part: also helps in virus and toxins control.

Regardless of the type of surgery – dental, cosmetic, plastic, joint surgery, sport-related … here are some of the benefits of pre & post surgical treatments with manual lymphatic rehabilitation:

* Prepares tissue for the surgery by removing excess water, toxins, bacteria and metabolic wastes
* Facilitates the immune system by accelerating production of lymphocytes
* Induces a state of relaxation due to stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system

* Alleviates side effects of medication and immobilization
* Reduces pain and alleviates spasms
* Reduces swelling and minimizes bruising
* Stimulates fluid circulation
* Improves skin regeneration optimizing the healing process
* Prevents the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scars

Even with these benefits, the results of lymphatic therapy will vary accordingly to the surgery area (for example: dental, cosmetic, plastic, orthopedic), its tissue structure, age of the individual, and medications being used. A healthy nutrition habit and progressive prescribed medical exercise will also contribute to maintain the results of healing quickly after surgery.

For more information about our pre & post surgery health & lifestyle programs that are available, contact us.





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